Franklin Templeton just invested in Unum ID!  🚀  Click here to watch our Demo Day video.
Franklin Templeton just invested in Unum ID!  🚀

The sharified identity network.

Securely access and share verified identity data, with full user consent.

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Beyond Passwordless

Instant multi-factor auth, using your mobile app.
No passwords or other shared secrets.
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Verify with X

A marketplace for shared, verified identity data,
with full user consent.
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Unum ID is a TechCrunch Top Pick

We were honored for trailblazing work in privacy and security.

Sharified Identity™

Shared, verified identity.

Unum ID is the sharified identity network. Data recipients receive verified identity data from data providers, with full user consent. Within a company, Unum ID enables passwordless authentication — see Beyond Passwordless™. In this case, one company acts as both a data provider and recipient. Across companies, Unum ID enables a marketplace for verified identity data, which powers instant onboarding and more — see Verify with X™.

Ultimate security and privacy
We use asymmetric cryptography tied to the secure hardware of users' devices and never have access to PII.
Flexible hybrid deployment
Deploy our SDKs and our Identity Engine cloud service handles the rest.
Prevents phishing and behavioral fraud
Eliminates all shared secrets to stop account takeover attacks in their tracks.
Digital ID Card

Issue digital ID cards to your users.

Unum ID turns your app into a virtual ID card that stores a user's identity data securely on their device. The user can then use the app internally to your company to authenticate without a password (see Beyond Passwordless™) and share the data with other entities, for which your company earns revenue (see Verify with X™).

Phones are the wallets of the future
They're already replacing your credit card, and soon they'll replace your ID cards too. Be part of this change.
No user action required for onboarding
You simply update your app. The next time a user opens it, they have Unum ID enabled superpowers.
Extremely secure and private
A user's data is stored locally, on their device, tied to the secure hardware. It's only shared with their full consent.

How Unum ID Stops Account Takeover

Learn how our technology prevents account takeover attacks like phishing, SIM swapping, and credential stuffing. The short answer? We eliminate shared secrets. There's nothing to intercept.

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